What Was That Song Already?

If you came to our evening screening shows this year, chances are that you are still wondering: « What was that music playing during Laura Morton’s story on Silicon Valley and Tech People. » If you forgot to Shazam it, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s the list of all the music we used this week. Congratulation to Ivan Lattay for his work. Musics Visa 2016 Si vous êtes venus à nos soirées de projections cette année, il y a deLire la suite

Marc Riboud nous a quittés

Photography in France has just lost one of its most distinguished figures, one of its greatest figures. Marc Riboud passed away last night. He had been seriously ill for a number of years, which is why he could not be with us this year for the exhibition of his report on Cuba. Our thoughts go out to his wife Catherine, and to his assistants Lorène and Nicolas, without whom we would never have been able to present this incredible story.Lire la suite

To the photographers attending portfolio reviews

Portfolio reviews are starting today, Tuesday, at the Palais des Congrès. More than 30 picture editors from around the world will be reviewing hundreds of stories. If you have signed for an appointment with one or many of them, better be well prepared. We asked two of them to tell us what are the worst thing you could do on a portfolio review. They gave us advice. Some of them were basics. Some of them were… unexpected. Let’s begin withLire la suite

Tech People, Winter is Coming and Embalmers in Mexico City: Monday Evening Preview

Tonight kicks off the professional week and evening screening shows. 12 stories will be screened on Campo Santo’s screen. Among them, Laura Morton’s work, Wild West Tech, about the daily life and atmosphere in the world of Silicon Valley – if you thought ‘Silicon Valley’ was just a fictional HBO show about guys wearing flip-flops trying (and sometimes succeeding) to change the world, well, you’re in for a surprise. We’ll also have the pleasure to watch Aaron Huey’s work on DenaliLire la suite

To the screened photographers / A l’attention des photographes projetants

Last year, while we were chatting with Olivier Laurent about the screenings – and our will to highlight them more during the festival – he shared his thought about an issue he noticed. And we wanted to share them back with you. « Before the festival this year, I only received four emails from photographers who have a screening to tell me : ‘Hi, my screening is that night, can we meet after to speak about it ?‘ Four emails ;Lire la suite

Exhibition visits: sharing the stories

Exhibitions in Visa pour l’Image are good. Really good. But you know what makes them better? It’s when the photographer is there, on the spot, to answer any questions you might have. Today, we got to visit all the exhibitions with all the exhibition attendants. But we had an early comer this year! Brent Stirton arrived in Perpignan straight from an assignment in Asia, so he joined us to present his work in person. For now, we have 8 exhibition visitsLire la suite