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PHOTO : David Douglas Duncan

For many people, David Douglas Duncan is one of the best photographer of the 20 century. And he is, no questions about that. The number of people who became photographer after seeing one of his work is countless – as the number of those he keeps inspiring today. His prolific work is as diversified as it can be : from his intimate pictures of the famous painter Pablo Picasso to his covering of the US political campaign in 1968 and of course his powerful images of the Korea war. When it comes to defining D.D.D’s life work, “iconic” is the first word that immediatly crosses our mind.

But for us, at Visa pour l’image, he has been so much more than that. For us, D.D.D is a dear friend, a fellow companion but first and foremost a loyal supporter and follower of Visa pour l’image. And that’s why, last January 23, we wanted to be the first to wish him a happy birthday. 100 years, an emblematic number for an even more emblematic man. And many of you joined us in celebrating this happy event by posting comments and by sharing our message: we wanted to thank you for that.

In a piece published in Time’s website for the occasion, Olivier Laurent interviewed some of the great names of today’s world of photography. Among them was Aidan Sullivan of Getty Images, former Life picture editor John G. Morris but also our manager Jean-François Leroy who stated : “David Douglas Duncan is still one of my heroes […] and every single generation of war photographer were inspired by his work. […] Even some cinematographers were inspired by his sense of framing without ever crediting him.” He continues: “But DDD has never received the recognition he truly deserves.”

But recognition or not, prizes or no prizes, grants or no grants: Mr Duncan is and will always be one of the giants not only of photojournalism, but of Photography. The one with a capital P. D.D.D: three letters carved in the mind of every generations of photographers. Three letters that, like the name of his dearest friend Pablo Picasso, have already reached what so many are striving towards: immortality.

Happy century, Mr Duncan.


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