Tech People, Winter is Coming and Embalmers in Mexico City: Monday Evening Preview

Tonight kicks off the professional week and evening screening shows. 12 stories will be screened on Campo Santo’s screen. Among them, Laura Morton’s work, Wild West Tech, about the daily life and atmosphere in the world of Silicon Valley – if you thought ‘Silicon Valley’ was just a fictional HBO show about guys wearing flip-flops trying (and sometimes succeeding) to change the world, well, you’re in for a surprise.

Guests of a party to celebrate the three-year anniversary of 20 Mission, a co-living house, dance and listen to a DJ playing music using silent disco headphones in the buildingÕs courtyard during the party in San Francisco, Calif., on Saturday, March 28, 2015. Impromptu gatherings happen frequently at the community which is home to around 45 people, but the house's larger parties, which are held every few months, have made the space well known.
Picture: Laura Morton for Magnum Emergency Fund Foundation and Geo Allemagne

We’ll also have the pleasure to watch Aaron Huey’s work on Denali National Park – a spectacular journey across Denali National Park’s land of ice. And finally, we’ll get to see an amazing report by Sébastien Van Malleghem, « Deposito Temporal », on Mexico City’s embalmers.

And tonight, we’ll have a special surprise for you on Jean François Leroy’s Facebook page, so be sure to tune in around 0930pm.

Lower Ruth Glacier below backside lake including icefall, glacial pools, glacial streams, and glacial erratics (rocks carried down the ice over hundred and thousands of years). Any human figures are climbers Jesse Allison and Alan Davis .
Picture : Aaron Huey / National Geographic Magazine
Owner of a coffin store in the neighborhood of Colonia Doctores, the neighborhood got a bad reputation due to the drug addicts walking in the streets at night, hoping to rob the second hand car dealers which are sharing the streets with the funerals stores and embalmers. Mexico City, Mexico on March 08 2016.
Sébastien Van Malleghem

— Français —

Ce soir débute la semaine professionnelle et nos traditionnelles soirées de projections. 12 sujets seront présentés sur l’écran du Campo Santo. Parmi eux Wild West Tech, le travail de Laura Morton sur les tech people de la Silicon Valley – si vous pensiez que la série éponyme de HBO n’était qu’une fiction sur des gens en tongs qui essaient (et parfois arrivent) à changer le monde, vous allez être surpris.

Nous aurons aussi le plaisir de regarder le sujet d’Aaron Huey sur le parc national de Denali – un voyage spectaculaire à travers des landes de glace. Enfin, nous verrons « Deposito Temporal » un étonnant sujet sur les embaumeurs de Mexico.

Et ce soir nous aurons une petite surprise pour vous, sur la page Facebook de Jean François Leroy. Rendez-vous vers 21h30.

Featured Photo : Laura Morton


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